All our lights utilise high output (premium 'bin') LEDs, and class leading reflector systems designed to maximise light output in drive, hybrid, and long-range beam patterns. Light output is constantly optimised through Dynamic Drive Modulation which regulates drive current to the LEDs considering the environmental and thermal conditions of the lamp. Lights have a 5 year warranty (2 year for Utility Series) and are built to last.

Linear represents the ultimate in low profile auxiliary LED lighting. The comprehensive Triple-R range utilises boost optics to provide the ultimate in long-range visibility. The ST and T range, upgraded for 2017/8, deliver a 'drive' beam pattern, while our RS range benefits from integrated Daytime-Running Lights, and utilises a dual optic reflector system to deliver a combination beam pattern. The Carbon Series represents an extreme lightweight solution for the Motorsport sector, while the Utility Series utilises the latest 'high density' LEDs for exceptional work light performance.