Carbon-6 Spotx

The Carbon-6 (Gen2.1), upgraded in 2019, is the ultimate driving light for rally and track motorsports. The light comes available with either Spot or Drive optics and thanks to an ultra-lightweight housing, the lamp weighs just 420g, but the lighting performance is staggering, with 1 lux extending out over 700m (Spot optic). The suitability of the Carbon-6 to motorsport applications is enhanced by ECE (E9) Reg 112 approval, a feature required by many race events and series.

Lighting performance is borne out of ultra-reflective vacuum-metallised boost optics, alongside a combination of the latest, most efficient, high intensity 11W LEDs and 3W Matrix LEDs, finely tuned for the specific requirements of the motorsport sector. The (premium bin) LEDs are carefully selected at 5000 kelvin to provide maximum definition and sharpness, while the unique design of both the housing and internal electronics, which includes rear facing LEDs and inverted optics, provides superior light utilisation, and long-term product reliability.

Still it is through ground-breaking advances in material design and engineering that the Carbon Series really stands apart from all other lighting solutions. New for 2019, all Carbon-6 lamps are available constructed using either a “prepreg” carbon-fibre housing, or from a 3D printed Carbon-Fibre & Nylon composite material (CF-PA12) material. Prepreg carbon-fibre benefits from exceptional strength and rigidity ensuring the lamps longevity when exposed to harsh conditions and light-moderate impact. By contrast, the 3D print CF-PA12 material, finished with an automotive-grade gloss black paint, provides for a more cost-effective solution albeit one with lower overall strength.

All Gen 2.1 Carbon-6 lamps feature capability to operate with additional functionality when used in conjunction with the Race Dashboard Controller, due to be launched in October 2019. When using the RDC, the customer will be able to operate the following modes from their Gen 2.1 Carbon-6 lamps: Fog mode, Adaptive mode (A secondary beam moves up or down depending on the braking and accelerating of the lamp), E-mark mode, E-Boost mode.

Note - 3D printed lamps are approved to IP65 only.

What's included:
- x1 Carbon-6 LED Lamp

Product Code: 00C6-SP19 / 00C6-DR19

Price as configured:
A$1,425.00 (incl. Tax)

  • Ultra-lightweight, carbon-fibre or 3D print CF-PA12 material housing

    Combination of high intensity 11W LEDs and 3W Matrix LEDs

    Available with Spot or Drive optics

    ECE approved – requires Dashboard Controller (Race)

    Carefully selected LED colour temperature maximises sharpness and definition

    CAE optimised heatsink requires minimal airflow to maintain 100% light output

    Electronic thermal management

    Low profile design for improved aerodynamic performance

    Supplied with loom and Deutsch DT04-3P Connector

    ‘Unbreakable’ polycarbonate lens

    IP65 watertight

    5-year warranty

    Designed & manufactured in Britain

    Voltage Range 9-32V 9-32V 
    LED Life 50,000 hours 50,000 hours 
    Weight 440 gr 440 gr
    Total Luminous Flux 6760 Lm 6760 Lm
    Colour Temperature 5000K 5000K
    Number of High Output LEDs 6 6
    Power Consumption 69 Watts 69 Watts 
    Current Draw (at 14.4V) 4.8 Amps 4.8 Amps
    Width 308 mm 116 mm 
    Depth 82 mm 82 mm 
    Height 70 mm 70 mm 
    0.25 lx Line 1159 metres 1037 metres
    0.5 lx Line 820 metres 733 metres
    1 lx Line 580 metres 518 metres
    3 lx Line 335 metres 299 metres
  • Click below to download (opens pdf in new window):

    Carbon-6 Drive - ECE Certificate
    Carbon-6 Spot - ECE Certificate

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