Frequently Asked Questions

How long are these lights built to last?
While all our lights come with a five year warranty, they are built to last much longer with an LED lifespan of at least 50,000 hours.
How tough are these lights?
From material selection right through to production and a vigorous test program, these lights have been built to be the toughest lights on the market. Solid State light sources (LED) are inherently robust (no filament to break), while our lamps also have fully Aluminium enclosures and hard-coated Polycarbonate lenses. Our lamps are also sealed to IP67 water-tightness level so that whatever you put your vehicle through, you can rest assured these lights won't let you down.
How bright are these lights?
We are the choice for motorsport teams around the world, along with a number of vehicle manufacturers and importers.From the very beginning of our product develoment process, through every stage of the manufacturing process, we are striving to produce products with the very highest performance and build quality. There is no compromise in acheiving the most that the latest component technologies can deliver, translating into a safer, more enjoyable driving experinece for our customers.
What is the difference between lumens and lux?
There is a clear distinction between lumens and lux when using as a unit of light measurement. Lumens can be defined as the measurement of how bright a bulb or a light source is. Whether you are 1 meter away or 100 meters away from a light source it is still emitting the same amount of lumens. On the other hand, lux is the measure of the intensity of the light hitting a surface at a given distance. Our recommendation is that you review the product photometric diagram and consider the spread of light that you want. Overall, lux is a good measurement for determining and comparing the brightness of a beam.
How are the lights wired in to the vehicle system?

All lights come with a full wiring diagram and instruction manual. Click here to download a pdf of our fitting instructions. You can also see below a short video where Lazer Lamps MD, Ben Russell-Smith introduces our wiring solutions including CAN Interface and Contactless Reader:

Is the lens really 'unbreakable'?
The lens on our products is 3mm thick Lexan GE Polycarbonate with a hardcoat lacquer, they are fully stone chip and impact resistant. We are so confident in the strength of our lenses that they come with a full guarantee - if they crack or break (unless caused by intentional duress) we'll offer a replacement free of charge. In the event of a vehicle collision or other substantial heavy impact causing lamp/lens damage, we are happy to supply a replacement lens and we also offer a lens replacement service for a small charge. Spare fascia parts are also available. See our terms for details.
Are spare parts available?
It depends. If you’re using the lamp for off-roading for example, we know that the lamps can sustain some pretty hefty impacts during competition driving. Some cosmetic parts of the lamps are fully serviceable/replaceable without having to break the lens seal (i.e. water-tightness). We are happy to supply replacement parts to our customers, see our terms for details.
Are the lights road legal, and are there any special mounting requirements?

Yes, our ST, Linear (excluding 24 Flood and 48) and the large majority of our Triple-R range of lights are fully ECE approved to Reg 112 for road use (E9 marked) - please visit the relevant product page for details. Lamps must be mounted in such a way to comply with local laws, so we all suggest checking local regulations for the latest, most up-to-date information, as requirements do change from one country to the next. For more information you can visit our 'In The Spotlight' pages where we have written a piece that explains in more details what the regulations are, and how they might apply to you.

Are the lights fully waterproof?
Yes, our lights are completely watertight when submerged from cold and also when submerged hot (causing negative pressure). Every lamp leaving our UK manufacturing facility is pressure tested to confirm seal integrity, backed up by our five year warranty.
Can the products be jet washed?
Yes. We use an uprated silicon coated gore tex breather to permit high pressure jet washing, without risk of water ingress to the lamp.
How do the LEDs compare between LR Series, ST Evolution, Linear, and Utility Series?
We carefully select the LEDs for each product / range depending on a variety of different factors including physical light properties, thermal performance, and prodicted end-user application. We use advanced simulation software, coupled with endless real-world testing, to ensure the perfect balance of lighting performance versus LED longevity and product reliability and robustness. In some instances a light will support use of 11W LEDs, while other lights might be better suited to a greater number of lower power LEDs. Often we will use a combination of LEDs in any one lamp to achieve the best performance and distribution of light, albeit always at the same 5000K colour temperature, to ensure a perfectly homogenous and even beam pattern.
Where can I find the serial number on my lamp?
The serial number is required when making any warranty claim, and can be found either on a sticker located on the underside of the lamp, or partially hidden inside the lamp above the reflectors.
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